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Residential Real Estate

Buying and selling a home is the most important and complicated financial decision that many people make in their lifetimes. In any residential real estate deal, both buyers and sellers must review many complex papers, including legally binding documents that require signature.

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Keeping you informed. Keeping you protected.

Buying a home is one of the largest transactions you will make. Let the professionals at the law office of Scott A. Brower work with your lenders and real estate agents to make your next transaction go smoothly.

If you are a buyer

  • Review, explain and modify the contract to protect your rights;
  • Work with your lender to ensure they have the proper documentation;
  • Review all closing documents for accuracy so that title transfers properly;

If you are a seller

  • Review the terms of the contract to protect your rights
  • Clear all title items to make sure the property transfers properly
  • Order a survey
  • Assist you with the negotiation of any home inspection issues presented by buyers
  • Prepare all closing documents

Legal services we offer

The law office of Scott A. Brower offers many residential and commercial real estate services.


Legal services to help buy or sell a home. Our offices will assist you at the closing table to make sure everything goes smoothly.


The law offices of Scott A. Brower will make sure your next commercial real estate investment goes as planned and protected.

Estate Planning

Full legal services for anticipating and arranging management of estates

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