Having an estate plan in place is the best way to ensure your wishes are fulfilled and that your loved ones are cared for after you are gone. There are a variety of ways you can protect your interests by creating living wills, trusts and powers of attorney to act on your behalf if you become disabled. That is why it is essential to have an estate planning attorney work with you to develop an estate plan that properly transfers and protects your interests according to your wishes, while also preserving the best interests of your loved ones.

An estate planning attorney will not only help set your affairs in order, but will also help to minimize tax impact, minimize family disruption, and account for issues that you may not have otherwise even thought of. We recognize that estate planning requires a thorough understanding of the needs of your family and how you would like to ensure that your personal decisions are properly executed, should you pass away or become incapacitated. Different types of family dynamics and changes in circumstances dictate which estate planning tools will be the most appropriate and affordable to you. Whether you are single or married with children, the Scott A. Brower Law Office, LLC can help assess your options and determine the best plan to suit your needs.

No matter what your age, the setting up of a plan will alleviate many hardships that occur upon your disability or passing. If you are considering writing a will for the first time, updating a prior will, or setting up a trust, contact the Scott A. Brower Law Office, LLC. to schedule a free initial consultation. We are available to take care of all your estate planning needs. Call 630-753-0008.

If you are someone who cares about where your money will go in the event of your death, or would like to learn more about asset protection, probate and estate administration, and how to set up a living trust for your beneficiaries to avoid the probate process contact the Law Office of Scott A. Brower, LLC in Naperville, Illinois, to schedule a free initial consultation. Call 630-753-0008 to speak with an estate planning attorney today.

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